Who Uses Naoris Protocol?

Individual Users

Individual users' devices act as nodes in an intelligent decentralized mesh network, rather than act as a single point of failure within a siloed system.

Devices are secured by the mesh in real time and can also be rewarded for contributing compute to the mesh.

Naoris Protocol is releasing testnets for individuals to participate in and also earn tokens as part of an airdrop programme.

Users will download the test agent to provide real-time threat information and intelligence from the software agent present on their device to the Decentralized Swarm AI. Users will also be able to act as a validator node to establish a decentralized global validator node network.

As the testnet programme matures the mesh becomes stronger and more intelligent due growing participation and the computational capacity they is contributing to secure the mesh in a decentralized manner

Users’ devices will also benefit from real time cyber-trusted network validations, distributed by a global decentralized threat mitigation supercomputer that is constantly learning and correlating threats and malicious behaviors to mitigate risk.

Employing a Post-Quantum Layer-1 Blockchain fully scalable dPoSec trust consensus and Decentralized Swarm AI that unifies devices and enforces the highest level of cybersecurity, individuals can protect their devices and earn tokens as part of a global cyber security mesh network that creates sharable evidence others can easily rely on to validate the cyber status of any user's device.

Naoris Protocol provides access to a global threat mitigation environment, where every participant benefits - from a single mobile user to a global enterprise.


Naoris Protocol’s Decentralised CyberSecurity Mesh Architecture (dCSMA) is designed to bring trust to enterprise networks and systems, significantly increasing the cybersecurity and integrity of any enterprise and the entire Web2/Web3 technology stack.

Enterprise attack surfaces are increasing under more cyber threats than existing centralized cybersecurity solutions can combat.

The decentralized nature of Naoris Protocol leverages the complexity of the enterprise infrastructure by converting it into a cyber-secure mesh of protective validator nodes, eliminating single points of failure.

Leveraging the power of advanced Blockchain and Decentralized Swarm AI, Naoris Protocol records real-time immutable proof of security for every device’s status, identifying and mitigating threats in real time ensuring a trusted and cyber-assured baseline for enterprise systems to operate, and the safe and secure sharing of provable and validated data


  • Enterprise attack surface is transformed into the first line of a defense mesh

  • The mesh responds to breaches with real-time countermeasures

  • Proactive isolation of compromised devices

  • Decentralized command & control system


  • Centralized and isolated devices are converted into an army of cyber-trusted endpoints responding to breaches in milliseconds

  • Real time monitoring of endpoint behavior under mesh architecture

  • Real-time detection of infrastructure breaches under distributed consensus

  • Every device protects and audits your whole network

Endpoints, IoT & OT

  • Decentralized and cooperative endpoint Detection, Protection & Response

  • Bigger attack surfaces become easier to defend using distributed user & entity behavior analytics (UEBA)

  • Endpoints security and detection is significantly boosted by the collaborative mesh (dCSMA) architecture


  • Real time shared Proof of Compliance between multiple parties from

  • Assuring DORA & NIS2 regulatory requirements

  • Adheres to ISO:27001 standards

  • GDPR compliant

  • Privacy assured for enterprise via the Mesh’s integrated confidentiality infrastructure

Verge Clusters

Naoris Protocol allows for pseudo-partitioning, in a shard-like manner, so the entire state of the network can be distributed and maintained in partitions known as Verge Clusters.

  • Enterprise level scalability and security under dPoSec blockchain

  • Support up to 1M TPS

  • Can be deployed independently, with enterprise-specific security and compliance logic

  • Off-chain networks act like on-chain solutions for enhanced security

  • Compromised devices are quickly identified and removed from the network

  • Can function as a private chain, locally updating threat definitions through Swarm AI

  • Swarm AI learns and upgrades definitions across related Verge Clusters for increased and harmonized security

  • Widespread adoption benefits all network participants, improving overall security

Regulators & Auditors

Naoris Protocol creates provable and immutable records of the digital health and integrity of the devices and processes that create and consume data.

Enterprise and businesses can share validated cyber results and data with regulators, auditors, & governments in real time which is provably trusted through on-chain consensus

The system creates a digital proof of compliance and trust as forensic evidence for 3rd parties who need to audit devices, processes and transactions in real time

Regulatory Compliance

  • Helps regulators enforce DORA (Digital Operational Resilience Act) and NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) compliance more effectively.

  • Facilitates seamless real time auditing by providing a transparent and tamper-proof blockchain-based ecosystem for sharing results between all operating parties.

Improved Transparency

  • Provides a transparent and immutable ledger, enabling auditors to verify transactional environments and the data they created and consumed with confidence.

  • Enhances the ability to identify and mitigate suspicious activities.

Naoris Protocol’s global Decentralized CyberSecurity Mesh is relevant for international regulators and auditors, contributing to a more secure and interconnected financial landscape

When system health is known, information can be trusted.

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