What is a Post-Quantum, Sub Zero Blockchain?

Naoris Protocol provides a Post-Quantum, Sub-Zero Blockchain for cybersecurity & digital trust that enhances the infrastructure across Web2 devices and systems and all blockchain layers, including L0, L1, L2, as well as DEXes, bridges, and validators. Our DePIN infrastructure is fortified with post-quantum security, ensuring cyber-resilience and network health across both Web2 and Web3 ecosystems.

Naoris introduces a new standard in transparency, trust, and security, preparing the entire blockchain stack for a post-quantum future. This helps future-proof blockchain, Web3, DePins and large Web2 enterprise networks against the looming threat of quantum computers.

For Web3, by integrating with Naoris Protocol, projects can offer their users and investors cutting-edge post-quantum security without having to completely overhaul their own blockchain architecture. Naoris Protocol sits below the typical L1 blockchain layer, providing a foundational security layer that L1s and other projects can leverage. This allows blockchains to focus on scalability, user experience, and other key benefits while Naoris takes care of the complex post-quantum cryptography.

For Web2, Naoris Protocol turns the traditional ‘castle wall’ based enterprise perimeter inside out, through its innovative community compute model, where traditional centralized networks are transformed into an decentralized self-protecting mesh, where all participating devices become an army of cyber-trusted validator nodes that securely validate every other node in real-time, under post-quantum consensus.

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